About Us

We all go a little MAD sometimes….

This is MADKEN. Now you might be asking yourself

“Who are you?”
 “I haven’t heard of you before, what makes you different?”
 “What are you going to do for me?” 

And you’d be right in saying that what we sell is sold elsewhere but what makes us different is our passion and our relationships with our customers.  

Like many businesses, Madken was born over drinks between our two Directors at a local bar who combined two nicknames. Director 1 #MAD and Director 2 #KEN. 

They identified an opportunity within the online washroom industry and through customer feedback quickly found they were doing it the right away; building the foundations on trust between customer and team member with reliability, honesty and a smile. 

What started out as a company focused on the washroom industry has quickly evolved to not only providing a broad range of washroom equipment and consumables, but many hardware, safety, hospitality, cleaning, healthcare and commercial products. “Who drives this growth?” For us it’s you, our customer. 

We grow because we listen to our customer’s questions and feedback. 

 “Our focus isn’t Customer service. It’s the Customer Experience”

This means that we’ll go the extra mile. We’ll happily take anything off your plate to make it a little less stressful, busy or confusing. This is what makes us stand out from competitors and how we have proudly created and nurtured quality relationships with thousands of customers Australia and New Zealand wide.

Madken is born of over 50 years experience in the industry and is focused on providing exceptional customer service with simplified solutions for our customers.

We are a small dedicated team of professionals that believes every customer deserves a tailored approach to their needs.

Our goal is to simplify your world, from large commercial projects, to a shower head for your home.

Our mission is to simplify the business of running a business.

So let’s be Mad together! Join the team and get in contact with us today!